(THE RAKE gets ripped at a fitting with Mariano Rubinacci in London. Photography: Andy Barnham)

Following on from our previous report on the Rubinacci bespoke experience (see here for part one) we recently visited Mariano Rubinacci at his Mount Street, London, atelier for the first fitting of our vintage linen three-piece (more images after the jump). After the master thoroughly appraised the baste-stage suit, he literally tore it apart at the seams, deconstructing the shoulders, collar and neck before pinning them back together in better conformity to my shape. Sleeve length was also adjusted, the coat’s skirt nipped a touch, and the trousers slimmed down in the thigh. With the confidence of a consummate, vastly experienced craftsman, Mariano stated that after the requisite adjustments were made, no further fittings would be required, and he’d be able to ship the suit to me in Singapore. I currently eagerly await its arrival – and can’t wait to give the sharp summery ensemble its first outing in suitably old-school, colonial Singaporean surrounds. The Writers Bar at Raffles, perhaps? (One will, of course, have to stick to martinis and G&Ts – somehow I don’t think that creamy linen would react well to splashes of claret or Campari.)

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